A Consumer Disclosure is a detailed report of all the information on your credit file as mandated by consumer reporting legislation. The Consumer Disclosure is only available to you. It contains additional data not provided in your credit report and serves as a great way to check your credit data as reported to TransUnion.

What's in your Consumer Disclosure?

Your TransUnion® Consumer Disclosure may contain any of the following information:

Identifying information

Your name, current and previous addresses, Social Insurance Number, telephone number, date of birth, and current and previous employers

Credit history or trade lines

Your history of paying bills and making debt payments with credit grantors (such as retail stores, banks, finance companies and mortgage companies). NEW Up to 24 months of payment history is now available

Public records

Items that may affect your creditworthiness, such as court judgments, bankruptcies, proposals to creditors, and registered items such as liens


A list of credit grantors and other parties you have authorized and/or parties authorized by law to receive your credit report

Other information

Banking and/or collection information

The TransUnion online Consumer Disclosure will help you:

  • Make informed financial decisions
  • Understand the impact of your financial behaviour
  • Improve your credit profile to help you make the most of insurance, loan and credit negotiations
  • Guard against identity theft and financial fraud
  • Open new opportunities to obtain credit
  • Maintain a good credit history that could lead to better rates on major purchases