Help avoid fraud by requesting creditors contact you before deciding to extend credit.

Are You a Confirmed or Potential Fraud Victim?

You are a Confirmed fraud victim if a credit grantor's fraud department, law enforcement or a government agency has informed you that you are a confirmed/true name victim of fraud. To place a confirmed fraud warning, please call 1-800- 663-9980 and select option 4 and an agent will assist you.

You are a Potential fraud victim if you think you may be a victim of fraud but there has been no reported use of your credit and no confirmed breach of your personal information. To place a potential fraud warning on your credit file and/or Social Insurance Number (SIN) Protection, please

Click here.

The TransUnion Online Fraud Warning will help you:

Reduce the likelihood of future fraudulent applications resulting in the extension of credit in your name by warning creditors to contact you before approving credit applications.

Alternative ways to add a Potential fraud warning on your credit file:

You may dial 1-800-663-9980 and select option 3 to use our Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). Please note that SIN Protection is not available through this option. If you are unable to authenticate online or through IVR, you will need to download and submit a Request for Potential Fraud Warning Form by clicking on the following Click Here